Friday, August 31, 2007

Nav's New (Man)Crush?

Naveen is looking like a teenager in love these days... you be the judge.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Blackouts Win (again)!

Well, we did it again last night. While i would have liked to see a few more runs put up on the board, we played a great game defensively. That is what we do....

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Take it all in Stride

This week we are playing Stride. They are the green team and are currently in last place. Don't let that fool you. Game time is 740 on field 1 (closest to the library). Don't be late or mike tyson will eat your children...

Sunday, August 26, 2007


I'm calling balderdash on the Scavenger Hunt. That was total horse-shit. I risked my life for two hours sitting shotgun with a blacked out Naveen who had slept for ten minutes the night before, only to get ripped off at the winners podium. Not only should we have won the gold (yes, we did hit Yerba Buena Gardens) but to not even get a bronze medal was a slap in the face. Real classy event guys. And next time you should think about inviting your roommate, I'm sure Ken feels great about himself now. Weak sauce!

Blackouts win at everything...

So yesterday in the 1st annul go-car photo scavenger hunt, two blackouts, jessi and ben, took home the gold medals. It was a tough battle which also saw to more blackouts on the winner's podium (danny and nav), but ultimately it was the drive and determination of two of last years all stars. Pretty sure that the F'ing sweet jackets helped tremendously as well.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Feel the Akward...

So how happy is Jessie? Is this the start of a beautiful new relationship?

Last Night's Pic

We win... well technically...

Well, it was a real defensive showdown last night. Too bad it didn't mean anything! HA. Good work out there. we totally had them believing that the game actually counted!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Caption Contest

What is going through terry's head right now?

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies......

If you were looking out for Ben, then you might have missed this guy! Whoa, I can hardly stare at that photo without feeling grave concern for all other teams in the league. I mean, just look at the fire in those eyes. This is selective breeding at it's best. And yes, ladies, he's still on the market. Get some today!

Ladies, look out!

I am only half joking! Ben will be on the mound tomorrow, so to all the women on the other team, i hope that your heads and backs are ready for the fastball!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Know Your Enemy!

Alright, everyone....

This week pits us against the "Double Baggers" (DB's)... now i am not positive, but i think that is what Joey Evans has to do with two garbage bags to keep his ginormous head from getting soaked in the rain.

The Game is 740 on Field 3.

Long story short is that this team is an offshoot of the WMC's from last season. Full scouting report to follow in email form.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Last Night's Pics...

We are one sexy team, there is no denying it!

BLACKOUTS WIN!!!!! (obvy)

Well, we did it again. I know that it isn't that big of a surprise, but we did have a little worry in the first inning. Luckily, DC worked the kinks out and ended up pitching tremendously for the last three innings. Ty Vance had one of the scariest dives i have seen yet at kickball, but somehow managed to break his fall into the concrete with his head, and was no worse for the wear. Terry had about +/- infinity catches in right field, but his sliding prowess was really the highlight of the day. I have never seen anyone try to slide into a base from about 10 ft out.... without having any forward momentum...

Anyway, great job all. We put up a bunch of runs, stepped it up on defense, and partied our balls/labs off at the bar. That is how we roll. Well played, everyone, well played...

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

UPDATE: Game time change!


The game is now at 7PM. Be there 10 minutes early so that we can start on time. Be at the Boom Boom Room by 630 so that we can 'warm up'. Balls!!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Are you a Tabiac?

Well if you are, then you are in luck because everyone's favorite teammate that also entertains us at KT's (well at least the only one who gets paid to entertain us) has booked a gig at the Red Devil Lounge on Saturday, October 20th. Tickets will be available for pre-sale, with a nominal increase at the door.

Yellow Fever

Alright kiddies.... Our competition is going to be hitting up the Boom Boom before the game tomorrow... so you best be bringing your best drinking shoes.... We need to make sure that we beat them at drinking, beat them at the game, then beat them at drinking (albeit at a different bar). So get fired up!


We got the late game this week. That means that you need to be at Field 1 (nearest the library) no later than 730....

Monday, August 13, 2007

Our new mascot?

So, the pink elephant says everything about our team. The only question is: What do we name it? Leave your suggestions in the comments... The best ones will be put to a vote by the team. Once we have him named, we will order him and get him outfitted with a proper uniform!

Team Mascot

First off, let me say that I couldn’t be happier with this team and the great start that we have been off to. As I sit here at work and am counting down the minutes until this Wednesday’s game, it struck me - we have no mascot! Well that is all about to change. After careful deliberation, I think that that there is no better mascot than a Drunken Pink Elephant. We have all seen them and I think we need to embrace them by plastering this image on anything we can – shirts, flags, team tattoos, etc.

As Barney from the Simpsons said, “Thank you pink elephant, you have always been there for me.”

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Ashley's birthday

It was great to see so many Rolling Blackouts at Zoe's birthday pub crawl, however like a self-fulfilling prophecy I completely blacked out and now would like to know who smeared chocolate all over me. Not cool guys. I had to walk home this morning looking like someone smeared shit all over my clothes. Anyways, are we still looking for a team slogan? Joe has a sweet new Goonies shirt that says Never Say Die. Just an idea. Fuck this hangover. There's another one.

Know your enemy!

Alright guys, this week we have the yellow team. Be very wary of them. We all know that historically they have not exactly been the best team in the league, but from what i have seen this season, we need to be careful. Bring the A-game! A more detailed scouting report will be coming out in the next day or two over the email...


I'm Zoe, I know how to take down birthday shots likes its my job...... Happy early bday, zoe. And for those of you curious, her birthday is this upcoming wednesday, when we take on (and inevitably beat) the yellow team.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Post Game

Now that we have gone over the pregame regimen.... I think that we should go over out at bar performance. Obviously, when it comes to beer pong/beruit we have no equal, and recently we have been embarassing absolutely everyone on the flip cup table as well. We need to keep that up and not get lazy. Also we need to watch out for the spillage.... Look at paul. He looks so confident, which in confusing cause it looks like he either just ran a marathon (paul doesn't look like the marathon type), or he just dumped about a beer and a half on himself for some unknown reason. Folks, it is one thing for another team to get lucky and sneak an occasional win against us. However, it is hard to claim victory when one of your teammates is absolutely douched in beer. Paul, sorry to call you out, but this is the most extreme example that i could find. We are better than that. Also, you might want to get your devil eyes checked out.

Pregame Activities...

So I think that we need to be a little more proactive with our warmups. I know that it is cold out, but that just makes the issue that much more important. I don't want us to make any more careless mistakes because we aren't mentally and physically ready for that game. So I am electing Mia the head of pregame calisthenics.


The Glaredown!

So I am not sure if this is supposed to be intimidating or as Joe would put it, "dreamy"... but here is "the staredown" faces of three of the RB's finest.

Week 1 Awards....

And for the good stuff....

MVP's- Danny & Zoe/Ashley. Way to bring it home! Danny for making it home and Zoe/Ashley for allowing him to get there. I think we should play in the dark more often. I still can't believe we won. Or should I say I can't believe we almost lost to the Moose Cocks!!!!!!!!! Really?!

Defensive MVP- DC. Does pitching count as defense? Either way, nice pitching! Not sure i've ever seen anyone strike out at kickball. Awesome! Again, i believe the darkness helped.

Most Team Spirit- Laura. Broken ankle and all, she still manages to come support us AND continues on to the bar to remain the "one and done".

Biggest surprise of the century.....

Naveen getting the intentional walk.... They thought they were playing it cool since we had a girl up next... little did they know that it was our lead off girl jesse.... Those nerds couldn't do a scouting report if their lives depended on it....

I have to second DC on the defense.... While i have seen a few strike outs in my day (Joey "the head" evans comes to mind).. i have NEVER seen back to back strike outs! Also, he struck out the best player on the other team the inning before...

Gayest: Tie.... goes to Joe and Ty Vance... Now i have seen both of these guys take down their fair share of women, but when you are playing photo hunt with the naked dudes on the screen.... See attached pic for photographic proof....

Best Blogger: Rob... I have this sh*t down to a science and by science i mean BALLS!!!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Pic from Week 1

Us dominating the WMC's at the flipcup table...

First Official Win

Well, somehow we pulled out a 'W' last night. It was sloppy as all hell, but we will take what we can get... even if we have to play in complete darkness...

Final Score: Rolling Blackouts over the Moose Cocks 5-4.

Are we sure these guys are into chicks?!?!?!

Last night brought us yet another display of questionable ideas brought to you by Joe... however, Ty was an unusual addition to the shenanigans....