Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Business as Usual...

Hey, "Kick in a Box", i have a feeling it is going to be one of those nights, so here are some Mashed Potatoes for you...

For those of you looking for a little midweek excitment, come check out the game of the season for the CA Redwoods division @ Kimball Park at 745.  Lots of great kickball, some bronsons, possibly some public nudity...  just kidding, there will be nudity.



Anonymous said...

suck it!

I heard them passing around an mp3 of you guys getting clowned on the radio this morning

go bOx

Michael said...

Your shit talking is about as lame as your kicking skills.

Also, if you want to know what "one of those nights" means, why don't you ask the teams that we have dominated this season in competition both on-field and off.

When the #2 team challenges the #1 team (according to WAKA) its called an upset, not buisness as usual.

You have about as much of a shot tonight as this little guy:

If the pic is confusing, you are the little one, and not the other way around. I know its hard to tell because most of the girls on your team look like the big guy.

Good luck tonight.

GO BOX!!!!!!!!!!

Rob said...

Love the feedback, Mike... one point of clarification though. You might want to check those rankings again. As we are both undefeated and have the same amount of runs allowed, our higher runs scored (as evidenced by our lame kicking skills) puts us as the number 1 team.

Regardless, looking forward to the game tonight.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I can't corroborate these but I did heard the following about KiaB:

1. They like to eat babies.

2. The males have a hard time scoring anyplace except in a brothel (or with pinatas that resemble small female children).

3. The females have been known to drive men to intense bouts of temporary insanity and, in some cases, voluntary destruction of personal communication devices.

4. One of the Blackouts f*ucked all their moms.

Chris said...

Wow.. for a team that is new to the league and in fact had to leave their other division in hopes of finally winning KIAB sure talks a lot of shit!

But we can resolve this very easy.. anyone else up for a little wager? Losing team buys pitchers for the other team. The number of pitchers is the number of runs they lose by!


Erika Kali said...

Good thing I'm in a drinking mood tonight!

Michael said...

Just to respond to the afforementioned attacks

1. Yes we do like to eat babies. (only the ones wearing grey shirts) That's just becuase we are agressive like that

2. Not only do our males score with our own girls, we score with yours, other waka girls, Rolling Blackout's girlfriends and pretty much anything that we can get our hands on (Pinatas included b/c we can't get enough)

3. Our girls are crazy, and crazy hot. Not only did we switch leagues because we were too good for the Yerba Buena folk, but we made a number of the other teams cry (True Story)!

4. I do believe that if any motherf@cking is going it will be one of us that slides into a blacked out mom's box. We can actually see tonight after the game, after you buy us pitchers. We can all go to Balboa, say hi to your mom's and see if its one of us they take home or some other random dudes.

Tonight is going to be epic.

Box out!