Thursday, October 16, 2008

League Champs!

Checklist for the Blackouts:

(x) Win the CA Redwoods league
(x) Party Balls
(_) Win Playoffs

Team,  great game last night.  One baserunner allowed all game.  I don't think that they even got through their order...  KIAB, you guys had some great defense as well, but in the end it was the Blackout steamroller offense that decided the game.  Can't wait for the rematch in the playoffs!

Until, let's all party some balls!



Chris said...

Game Stats,
4 of 5 innings 3 and out!
Only 1 runner to get on base!
No runner further than 1st base!
3 strike outs!

Complete domination! That's what happens when you bring little kids to play ADULT kickball! Strike out in a box, you need to take the underhand pitching back to the weak YB division!


Anonymous said...

There *is* one thing that KiaB did really well. Recruiting a mascot for the big game??? Genius! I think I speak for the team (especially the Blackout Babes) when I say that we all loved Captain Douchebag! The borderline-Euro outfit and spikey frosted tips, the way he alternated between standing there looking as aloof as possible and then heckling the ref like he was actually a part of the game. You guys nailed it!!

Anonymous said...

it must suck to be on the blackouts, since the entire team is one roided up pitcher and everyone else sits in the field with there arms crossed.

Anonymous said...

It must suck to also fail at grammar and have a mouth full of sour grapes.

Rob said...

I love the way that jealousy rears its ugly head... You guys lost fair and square, so you can sack up and take it like men or continue to whine and complain. If you really want respect, learn how to play the game and actually perform next time. It was a fun game, but all the bitter floating around from a few players on your team is getting tiresome.

Anonymous said...

agreed completely, rob. box- lets show good sportsmanship in the loss and blackouts- class in the win.

and all keep in mind that shit-talking is jsut part of the game, not to be weighed too heavily.

good game, good smack talk


Chris said...

Agreed! Playoffs is an entirely different level all together. Evey player on every team takes their game up another level for playoffs. Its going to be a great day of great drinking and kickball!